Surah Al Qalam

بِسۡمِ اللهِ الرَّحۡمٰنِ الرَّحِيۡمِ

  • Al Qalam Ayah 40
    سَلْهُمْ أَيُّهُم بِذَٲلِكَ زَعِيمٌ ٤٠ Ask them ?O Prophet? which of them can guarantee all that.
  • Al Qalam Ayah 41
    أَمْ لَهُمْ شُرَكَآءُ فَلْيَأْتُواْ بِشُرَكَآئِهِمْ إِن كَانُواْ صَـٰدِقِينَ ٤١ Or do they have associate-gods ?supporting this claim?? Then let them bring forth their associate-gods, if what they say is true.
  • Al Qalam Ayah 42
    يَوْمَ يُكْشَفُ عَن سَاقٍ وَيُدْعَوْنَ إِلَى ٱلسُّجُودِ فَلَا يَسْتَطِيعُونَ ٤٢ ?Beware of? the Day the Shin ?of Allah? will be bared, and the wicked will be asked to prostrate, but they will not be able to do so,
  • Al Qalam Ayah 43
    خَـٰشِعَةً أَبْصَـٰرُهُمْ تَرْهَقُهُمْ ذِلَّةٌ‌ۖ وَقَدْ كَانُواْ يُدْعَوْنَ إِلَى ٱلسُّجُودِ وَهُمْ سَـٰلِمُونَ ٤٣ with eyes downcast, totally covered with disgrace. For they were ?always? called to prostrate ?in the world? when they were fully capable ?but they chose not to?.
  • Al Qalam Ayah 44
    فَذَرْنِى وَمَن يُكَذِّبُ بِهَـٰذَا ٱلْحَدِيثِ‌ۖ سَنَسْتَدْرِجُهُم مِّنْ حَيْثُ لَا يَعْلَمُونَ ٤٤ So leave to Me ?O Prophet? those who reject this message. We will gradually draw them to destruction in ways they cannot comprehend.
  • Al Qalam Ayah 45
    وَأُمْلِى لَهُمْ‌ۚ إِنَّ كَيْدِى مَتِينٌ ٤٥ I ?only? delay their end for a while, but My planning is flawless.
  • Al Qalam Ayah 46
    أَمْ تَسْــَٔلُهُمْ أَجْرًا فَهُم مِّن مَّغْرَمٍ مُّثْقَلُونَ ٤٦ Or are you asking them for a reward ?for the message? so that they are overburdened by debt?
  • Al Qalam Ayah 47
    أَمْ عِندَهُمُ ٱلْغَيْبُ فَهُمْ يَكْتُبُونَ ٤٧ Or do they have access to ?the Record in? the unseen, so they copy it ?for all to see??
  • Al Qalam Ayah 48
    فَٱصْبِرْ لِحُكْمِ رَبِّكَ وَلَا تَكُن كَصَاحِبِ ٱلْحُوتِ إِذْ نَادَىٰ وَهُوَ مَكْظُومٌ ٤٨ So be patient with your Lord’s decree, and do not be like ?Jonah,? the Man of the Whale, who cried out ?to Allah?, in total distress.
  • Al Qalam Ayah 49
    لَّوْلَآ أَن تَدَٲرَكَهُۥ نِعْمَةٌ مِّن رَّبِّهِۦ لَنُبِذَ بِٱلْعَرَآءِ وَهُوَ مَذْمُومٌ ٤٩ Had he not been shown grace by his Lord, he would have certainly been cast onto the open ?shore?, still blameworthy.
  • Al Qalam Ayah 50
    فَٱجْتَبَـٰهُ رَبُّهُۥ فَجَعَلَهُۥ مِنَ ٱلصَّـٰلِحِينَ ٥٠ Then his Lord chose him, making him one of the righteous.
  • Al Qalam Ayah 51
    وَإِن يَكَادُ ٱلَّذِينَ كَفَرُواْ لَيُزْلِقُونَكَ بِأَبْصَـٰرِهِمْ لَمَّا سَمِعُواْ ٱلذِّكْرَ وَيَقُولُونَ إِنَّهُۥ لَمَجْنُونٌ ٥١ The disbelievers would almost cut you down with their eyes when they hear ?you recite? the Reminder, and say, “He is certainly a madman.”
  • Al Qalam Ayah 52
    وَمَا هُوَ إِلَّا ذِكْرٌ لِّلْعَـٰلَمِينَ ٥٢ But it is simply a reminder to the whole world.
  • Al Qalam Ayah 1
    نٓ‌ۚ وَٱلْقَلَمِ وَمَا يَسْطُرُونَ ١ Nun. By the pen and what everyone writes!
  • Al Qalam Ayah 2
    مَآ أَنتَ بِنِعْمَةِ رَبِّكَ بِمَجْنُونٍ ٢ By the grace of your Lord, you ?O Prophet? are not insane.
  • Al Qalam Ayah 3
    وَإِنَّ لَكَ لَأَجْرًا غَيْرَ مَمْنُونٍ ٣ You will certainly have a never-ending reward.
  • Al Qalam Ayah 4
    وَإِنَّكَ لَعَلَىٰ خُلُقٍ عَظِيمٍ ٤ And you are truly ?a man? of outstanding character.
  • Al Qalam Ayah 5
    فَسَتُبْصِرُ وَيُبْصِرُونَ ٥ Soon you and the pagans will see,
  • Al Qalam Ayah 6
    بِأَييِّكُمُ ٱلْمَفْتُونُ ٦ which of you is mad.
  • Al Qalam Ayah 7
    إِنَّ رَبَّكَ هُوَ أَعْلَمُ بِمَن ضَلَّ عَن سَبِيلِهِۦ وَهُوَ أَعْلَمُ بِٱلْمُهْتَدِينَ ٧ Surely your Lord ?alone? knows best who has strayed from His Way and who is ?rightly? guided.
  • Al Qalam Ayah 8
    فَلَا تُطِعِ ٱلْمُكَذِّبِينَ ٨ So do not give in to the deniers.
  • Al Qalam Ayah 9
    وَدُّواْ لَوْ تُدْهِنُ فَيُدْهِنُونَ ٩ They wish you would compromise so they would yield ?to you?.
  • Al Qalam Ayah 10
    وَلَا تُطِعْ كُلَّ حَلَّافٍ مَّهِينٍ ١٠ And do not obey the despicable, vain oath-taker,
  • Al Qalam Ayah 11
    هَمَّازٍ مَّشَّآءِۭ بِنَمِيمٍ ١١ slanderer, gossip-monger,
  • Al Qalam Ayah 12
    مَّنَّاعٍ لِّلْخَيْرِ مُعْتَدٍ أَثِيمٍ ١٢ withholder of good, transgressor, evildoer,
  • Al Qalam Ayah 13
    عُتُلِّۭ بَعْدَ ذَٲلِكَ زَنِيمٍ ١٣ brute, and—on top of all that—an illegitimate child.
  • Al Qalam Ayah 14
    أَن كَانَ ذَا مَالٍ وَبَنِينَ ١٤ Now, ?simply? because he has been blessed with ?abundant? wealth and children,
  • Al Qalam Ayah 15
    إِذَا تُتْلَىٰ عَلَيْهِ ءَايَـٰتُنَا قَالَ أَسَـٰطِيرُ ٱلْأَوَّلِينَ ١٥ whenever Our revelations are recited to him, he says, “Ancient fables!”
  • Al Qalam Ayah 16
    سَنَسِمُهُۥ عَلَى ٱلْخُرْطُومِ ١٦ We will soon mark his snout.
  • Al Qalam Ayah 17
    إِنَّا بَلَوْنَـٰهُمْ كَمَا بَلَوْنَآ أَصْحَـٰبَ ٱلْجَنَّةِ إِذْ أَقْسَمُواْ لَيَصْرِمُنَّهَا مُصْبِحِينَ ١٧ Indeed, We have tested those ?Meccans? as We tested the owners of the garden—when they swore they would surely harvest ?all? its fruit in the early morning,
  • Al Qalam Ayah 18
    وَلَا يَسْتَثْنُونَ ١٨ leaving no thought for Allah’s Will.
  • Al Qalam Ayah 19
    فَطَافَ عَلَيْهَا طَآئِفٌ مِّن رَّبِّكَ وَهُمْ نَآئِمُونَ ١٩ Then it was struck by a torment from your Lord while they slept,
  • Al Qalam Ayah 20
    فَأَصْبَحَتْ كَٱلصَّرِيمِ ٢٠ so it was reduced to ashes.
  • Al Qalam Ayah 21
    فَتَنَادَوْاْ مُصْبِحِينَ ٢١ Then by daybreak they called out to each other,
  • Al Qalam Ayah 22
    أَنِ ٱغْدُواْ عَلَىٰ حَرْثِكُمْ إِن كُنتُمْ صَـٰرِمِينَ ٢٢ ?saying,? “Go early to your harvest, if you want to pick ?all? the fruit.”
  • Al Qalam Ayah 23
    فَٱنطَلَقُواْ وَهُمْ يَتَخَـٰفَتُونَ ٢٣ So they went off, whispering to one another,
  • Al Qalam Ayah 24
    أَن لَّا يَدْخُلَنَّهَا ٱلْيَوْمَ عَلَيْكُم مِّسْكِينٌ ٢٤ “Do not let any poor person enter your garden today.”
  • Al Qalam Ayah 25
    وَغَدَوْاْ عَلَىٰ حَرْدٍ قَـٰدِرِينَ ٢٥ And they proceeded early, totally fixated on their purpose.
  • Al Qalam Ayah 26
    فَلَمَّا رَأَوْهَا قَالُوٓاْ إِنَّا لَضَآلُّونَ ٢٦ But when they saw it ?devastated?, they cried, “We must have lost ?our? way!
  • Al Qalam Ayah 27
    بَلْ نَحْنُ مَحْرُومُونَ ٢٧ In fact, we have been deprived ?of our livelihood?.”
  • Al Qalam Ayah 28
    قَالَ أَوْسَطُهُمْ أَلَمْ أَقُل لَّكُمْ لَوْلَا تُسَبِّحُونَ ٢٨ The most sensible of them said, “Did I not urge you to say, ‘Allah willing.’?”
  • Al Qalam Ayah 29
    قَالُواْ سُبْحَـٰنَ رَبِّنَآ إِنَّا كُنَّا ظَـٰلِمِينَ ٢٩ They replied, “Glory be to our Lord! We have truly been wrongdoers.”
  • Al Qalam Ayah 30
    فَأَقْبَلَ بَعْضُهُمْ عَلَىٰ بَعْضٍ يَتَلَـٰوَمُونَ ٣٠ Then they turned on each other, throwing blame.
  • Al Qalam Ayah 31
    قَالُواْ يَـٰوَيْلَنَآ إِنَّا كُنَّا طَـٰغِينَ ٣١ They said, “Woe to us! We have certainly been transgressors.
  • Al Qalam Ayah 32
    عَسَىٰ رَبُّنَآ أَن يُبْدِلَنَا خَيْرًا مِّنْهَآ إِنَّآ إِلَىٰ رَبِّنَا رَٲغِبُونَ ٣٢ We trust our Lord will give us a better garden than this, ?for? we are indeed turning to our Lord with hope.”
  • Al Qalam Ayah 33
    كَذَٲلِكَ ٱلْعَذَابُ‌ۖ وَلَعَذَابُ ٱلْأَخِرَةِ أَكْبَرُ‌ۚ لَوْ كَانُواْ يَعْلَمُونَ ٣٣ That is the ?way of Our? punishment ?in this world?. But the punishment of the Hereafter is certainly far worse, if only they knew.
  • Al Qalam Ayah 34
    إِنَّ لِلْمُتَّقِينَ عِندَ رَبِّهِمْ جَنَّـٰتِ ٱلنَّعِيمِ ٣٤ Indeed, the righteous will have the Gardens of Bliss with their Lord.
  • Al Qalam Ayah 35
    أَفَنَجْعَلُ ٱلْمُسْلِمِينَ كَٱلْمُجْرِمِينَ ٣٥ Should We then treat those who have submitted like the wicked?
  • Al Qalam Ayah 36
    مَا لَكُمْ كَيْفَ تَحْكُمُونَ ٣٦ What is the matter with you? How do you judge?
  • Al Qalam Ayah 37
    أَمْ لَكُمْ كِتَـٰبٌ فِيهِ تَدْرُسُونَ ٣٧ Or do you have a scripture, in which you read
  • Al Qalam Ayah 38
    إِنَّ لَكُمْ فِيهِ لَمَا تَخَيَّرُونَ ٣٨ that you will have whatever you choose?
  • Al Qalam Ayah 39
    أَمْ لَكُمْ أَيْمَـٰنٌ عَلَيْنَا بَـٰلِغَةٌ إِلَىٰ يَوْمِ ٱلْقِيَـٰمَةِ‌ۙ إِنَّ لَكُمْ لَمَا تَحْكُمُونَ ٣٩ Or do you have oaths binding on Us until the Day of Judgment that you will have whatever you decide?

القلم which is spelled Surah Al Qalam in english has meaning The Pen is placed at number 68 in the Quran. This surah that contains 52 number of ayah, started on page 564 & ends on page 566 in the Holy Quran.

القلم is part of & given to prophet Muhammad as the number 2 in the order of Quran revelation.

Translator: The Clear Quran Dr. Mustafa Khattab Language: en-US